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                         Margie Bennett   

                     Licensed In Minnesota and Wisconsin


PVRM  - New Concept

  •  PVRM - Prudential Value Range Marketing is a proven strategy for pricing and marketing that benefits everyone involved in real estate transactions - both buyers and sellers alike.

  • Sellers benefit by offering their property to a wider range of buyers providing a greater opportunity for the highest market price.  Buyers are attracted by the perceived opportunity for a deal.

  • With PVRM, a property is marketed within a selected price range rather than at a fixed price, exposing the property to more buyers in more price ranges.  This simple change creates n entirely new buying and selling environment - easing many of the obstacles and anxieties of the traditional fixed pricing method.

    Pledge to my clients: I promise to honest and loyal in all my Real Estate transactions.  My clients will always come first with me.  Communication lines will always be open.  I want to make the home selling

  • and buying experience a happy, enjoyable and positive one.

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